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Consulting Solutions
Projects Consulting Solutions

Supported by highly skillful and experienced technical consulting personnel, we deliver the best...

IT Infrastructure and Application Solutions
Projects IT Infrastructure and Application Solutions

Supported by internationally- recognized vendors and experienced implementation personnel, we...

IT Support Solutions
Projects IT Support Solutions

Adequate personnel to support you 24/7 in preventive and/or curative methods.

Dynamic IT solutions for your business needs

Through consulting services we can dynamically formulate end-to-end IT solution options to meet business needs and budget constraints. Our technical experiences and good relationships with many vendors make it easier to choose the right components to tailor the most suitable solution for your IT requirements, thus greatly leveraging your business.

Functional Support

Linux/Windows Fiber Channel/ISCSI Network Virtualization Server Virtualization Internetworking Enterprise Application Custom Application Network Security Application Security

Technical Support

Video Conferencing System Satellite Communication Server/Apps Colocation


Data Center Facilities Data Center FO & UTP Cabling Power System Cooling System Physical Security

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